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Project- Help My City by Team: Patrons
1st Prize in 12th Five Year Plan Hackathon at IIT Delhi, Category: Applications for Urban Sector Development

About: Bridging the gap between the Government and the Citizens by providing an integrated platform where common people can not only raise their problems but also can give suggestions, ask questions and bring some innovative solutions for different sectors as they experience in their daily lives to the government. We have covered major sectors of the urban development like Water Supply, Sustainability, Sanitation, Roads, Urban Transport, Education, Employment etc. The people will post their problems, suggestions, ask questions with the location, category for targeting and discuss about various sectors of urban development to find better solutions. As soon as the people will post their issues on our website they will be suggested with the contact numbers of the concerned authorities in the area where problem is sustaining. We will also provide accounts for organizations, NGOs, government etc. where they can analyse the problems according to their domain and they can provide solutions hence decentralizing the system. As there is no such medium for citizen empowerment, it will engage people in making the future Government plans better. Contact:[at]

Team Patrons: Engineering Students of Information Technology at NIET

NIET, Gr. Noida
Microsoft Student Partner
Digit Squad - ThinkDigit
Mount Carmel School, New Delhi
Prateek Jaiswal

NIET, Gr. Noida
Microsoft Student Partner
Kendriye Vidyalaya, Fort Williams
Pankhuri Saxena

NIET, Gr. Noida
PMS Public School
Mohak Gupta