Contexto Answer (January 24, 2023) Today #128 Word Hints & Solution (1/24/23)

Here we again come with Contexto Answer for January 24, 2023 Puzzle with some hints and clues that help you to solve it.

After “Wordle” NYT Game the New Word “CONTEXTO” puzzle game craze is increasing day by day because it comes with a unique artificial intelligence algorithm that will give you hint to the Secret word of the day. You can Try unlimited attempts and in each guess, you will get a number where “1” number will be the Contexto game answer.

So the closer you go to the 1 that’s mean you have to type the word that is very similar to the Today word. There is new secret word every day so keep playing and take the hint if you need to before directly jumping to the Answer.


Contexto #128 Word Hints

If you are here then, you are looking for hints or secret words. Firstly, we will give you some similar words hint that is related to the Contexto word then if at the end you can reach out to the correct Contexto word of the day.

Today Contexto Game Tips

  • Tip 1 : Jacquard
  • Tip 2 : Pigtail
  • Tip 3 : Cardigan
  • Tip 4 : Chiffon
  • Tip 5 : Handkerchief

Today Contexto Closest Words List (Top 50 )

Here we catch up on some similar words with the positions that directly or indirectly point to the Secret word in terms of meaning or use.

  • The 50TH Number word is COAT
  • The 45TH Number word is PLEAT
  • The 40TH Number word is NECKTIE
  • The 35TH Number word is CHADOR
  • The 30TH Number word is CLOAK
  • The 25TH Number word is JACKET
  • The 20TH Number word is KERCHIEF
  • The 15TH Number word is TUNIC
  • The 10TH Number word is OVERCOAT
  • The 7TH Number word is BANDANNA
  • The 4TH Number word is HIJAB
  • The 2nd Number word is HEADSCARF

Contexto Today Word Hint

  • Today’s Word Starting with S.
  • Word Contains a Total 5 letters.
  • Word synonym is muffler  / headsquare
  • Word Meaning is
    a long thin piece of cloth, usually made of wool, that you wear around your neck to keep warm.
  • Word contains 1 Vowel in it.

If you still not able to find the word of the day. Scroll down to know today Contexto Game answer #128.

What is Contexto Answer for January 24, 2023?

The correct answer for Today’s Contexto for JAN 24, 2023 Tuesday 1/24, is “SCARF

Don’t lose hope if you were unable to solve today’s puzzle on your own. Try again tomorrow and if you need any hints feel free to visit our website “HELPMYCITY.IN” to get the best clues about this game.


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