Contexto Answer (January 8, 2023) Today #112 Word Hints & Solution (1/8/23)

Contexto is another twisted wordle game that comes with a unique artificial intelligence algorithm that will tell you how close your guess word is to the answer of today’s contexto word.

We have already seen many wordle addition games like worldle based on guessing country names, heardle based on music similar contexto is based on guessing similar words and the 1 Number will be your correct answer. If you come to this you defiantly look for Hints and answer to contexto word of the day.

Here is the Contexto answer today for the 112 puzzles, released on January 8, 2023 and some hints to help you solve it.

Firstly we will discuss the Contexto hints then at the end you can check the Secret word of the day. So without wasting any time here we come with full guide to solving today’s puzzle:


‘Contexto’ Game 112 Hints Today

Hint 1 : Today Word 20th word : SISTER , 15th Word: UNCLE , 10th Word: LONGTIME 4th Word: Love
Hint 2 : Today words contain total 7 letters
Hint 3 : Today words contain total 2 vowels in it
Hint 4 : Today words contain no similar words
Hint 5: Today word meaning is a person that you know and like (not a member of your family), and who likes you

Contexto Word Today Answer  for January 8, 2022

If you fail to find out today’s secret word of the day then, here is spoiler for you. The answer for today contexto #112 word is “FRIEND

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